Belize Prayer

The Belizean National Prayer

Almighty and eternal God, who through Jesus Christ has revealed Your Glory to all nations, please protect and preserve Belize our beloved country.

God of might, wisdom, and justice, please assist our Belizean government and people with Your Holy Spirit of counsel and fortitude.

Let the light of Your divine wisdom direct their plans and endeavours so that with Your help we may attain our just objectives. With Your guidance, may all our endeavours tend to peace, social justice, liberty, national happiness, the increase of industry, sobriety and useful knowledge.

We pray, O God of Mercy, for all of us that we may be blessed in the knowledge of Your most holy law, that we may be preserved in union and in that peace which the world itself cannot give. And, after enjoying the blessings of this life, please admit us dear Lord, to that eternal reward that You have prepared for those who love You.


Belize National Anthem

The National Anthem of Belize
"Land of the Free"

Play The National Anthem

O, Land of the free by the Carib Sea,
Our manhood we pledge to thy liberty

No tyrants here linger, despot must flee
This tranquil haven of democracy
The blood of our sires which hollows the sod,
Brought freedom from slavery oppression's rod
By the might of truth and the grace of God.
No longer shall we be hewers of wood.


Arise! Ye sons of the Baymen's clan,
Put on your armours, clear the land!
Drive back the tyrants let despots flee-
Land of the free by the Carib Sea!

Nature has blessed thee with wealth untold,
O'er mountains and valleys where prairies roll;
Our fathers, the Baymen, valiant and bold
Drove back the invaders; this heritage hold
From proud Rio Hondo to old Sarstoon,

Through coral isle,over blue lagoon;
Keep watch with the angels, the stars and moon;
For freedom comes to-morrow's noon.